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Supported by a vibrant community of tens of thousands of businesses, hundreds of thousands of users, and countless developers and partners that help shape its direction,

it’s no wonder that today Vtiger CRM is considered the most powerful open source CRM solution available, having seen more than 3 million downloads to date.

CRM Implementation

Layanan konsultansi, implementasi, pelatihan penggunaan produk vTigerCRM.

Kami memberikan bantuan konsultansi penerapan CRM di perusahaan Anda. Adapun kegunaan CRM bagi perusahaan adalah:

  1. Mencatat informasi nama dan kontak prospek (Lead)
  2. Mencatat informasi peluang (Opportunity / Potential)
  3. Mencatat informasi penawaran (Quotation)
  4. Mencatat aktifitas follow up penjualan (Activity dalam Calendar)
  5. Mencatat informasi PO/SPK/Kontrak dari pelanggan (Sales Order)
  6. Mencatat informasi tagihan dan faktur pajak (INVOICE)
  7. Mencatat informasi maintenance / perawatan / service (SERVICE CONTRACT)
  8. Mencatat informasi aset (ASSET)
  9. Mencatat informasi detail produk dan jasa
  10. Mencatat informasi permasalahan / komplain pelanggan (TICKETS)
  11. Mencatat status inventori produk
  12. Menghasilkan report terkait aktifitas Sales 
  13. Menghasilkan report terkait LEAD, OPPORTUNITY
  14. Menghasilkan report terkait QUOTATION
  15. Menghasilkan report terkait PO (Sales Order)
  16. Menghasilkan report terkait penagihan (Invoice)
  17. Menghasilkan report inventori 
  18. Menghasilkan report terkait permasalahan / komplain pelanggan

Dengan demikian, Anda dapat :

  1. Meningkatkan penjualan dan target perusahaan
  2. Mengelola pelanggan yang telah ada
  3. Meningkatkan pelayanan kepada pelanggan
  4. Menjual lebih banyak kepada pelanggan yang ada
  5. Melakukan otomatisasi proses marketing dan penjualan
  6. Melakukan proses close-deal lebih cepat dengan melakukan tracking
  7. Mengelola semua informasi terkait dengan pelanggan
  8. Meningkatkan waktu komunikasi dengan tim penjualan
  9. Meningkatkan kinerja tim penjualan dengan bekerja secara mobile
  10. Menghasilkan report dan dashboard monitoring yang sesuai

Grow existing business relationships, win new ones,
and elate your customers at every step of their journey

Win More Deals

Get organized, grow sales, improve marketing ROI, and deliver
delightful customer experiences alongside 100,000+ businesses

Sales CRM

See a 360-degree view of leads, contacts, and deals. Create reminders, send emails, or place recorded calls in a single click. Forecast and report on the sales pipeline.

See sales features

  Marketing Automation

Run traditional, email, and social marketing campaigns. Track attributed revenue, report on campaign performance, and other trends.

See marketing features

  Support & Helpdesk

Convert calls, emails and other service requests into support cases. Assign them to reps and monitor to completion. Report on customer service bottlenecks.

See support features

Project Management

Convert deals into projects with assignable tasks and subtasks. Attach documents and related quotes and invoices. Monitor progress.

See project management features

  Invoicing & Inventory

Build a database of products, services, and price books. Use it to create quotes, invoices, and sales orders. Sync with popular accounting software.

See inventory-related features

  + More

Attach documents to any CRM record. Automate email sending, pop-up reminders, and field updates. Request and accept payments, and much more.

See Vtiger’s modules

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