HP BladeSystem – What is Blade ?

Blade servers — efficient, fast, and reliable.

Find out why your peers choose blades over traditional servers.

Streamline your IT operations

Transforming your data center starts with blade servers. Blades are combined in an enclosure that provides shared power, cooling, and connectivity so they are inherently efficient. They are designed for enterprise workloads such as virtualization and cloud computing and they simply deliver the performance and reliability needed to innovate in ways traditional infrastructures cannot.

Compared to rack servers, blades can:

  • Reduce your costs by up to 68%1
  • Reduce downtime by 90%1
  • 66x faster workload deployment

Learn more about the benefits of blades with Blade Server Basics.

The business case for blade servers

Greater performance and scalability are among the top reasons decision-makers are opting for blade servers, according to an IDG Research Services survey. Blades are a popular choice for data center virtualization because they provide simpler management and more flexibility. The survey results and more are contained in an InfoWorld QuickPulse report, “The Strong Business Case for Blade Servers.”